Peter Foreman 1932 - 2012

Peter Foreman, joined Gateshead Camera Club in the 1950s

Peter was one of the star photographers, consistently winning the major competitions. He won the Rose Bowl Trophy, for example, in 1959, 1964, 1966, 1971, 1972 and 1977. He was President of the Club in 1962 and his wife, Joy became President in 1971. He was a kind gentle man who always had time for the less experienced members. He was a dentist and counted some of the Club members among his clients.

One of his interests of which most Club members were unaware, was his love of Jazz. He played a number of instruments including the Northumbrian pipes.

After serving the Club for many years we were sorry to lose him when he decided to move to Garrigill near Alston. More recently he moved back to Newcastle and rejoined the Club and having embraced digital photography, it was obvious that he had lost none of his magic, producing many fine images.

One story which I recall was when he decided to become semi-professional by undertaking wedding photography. At his first wedding he returned home with his films to be developed and unwisely left them momentarily on the armchair. Unfortunately his boxer dog decided to investigate, and chewed the films: a very embarrassed Peter had to reshoot the wedding.