Club Rules

   1     Name of the Club

        The Club is named “Gateshead Camera Club”.

    2   Objects

i)      By discussion and demonstration to instruct one another in the techniques of photography.

ii)     By competition and exhibition to raise the standard of technical and practical work amongst members.

    3   Membership

i)     The Club shall be open to all those interested in photography, but the Committee reserve the right to withdraw or refuse membership should they deem it to be in the best interest of the Club.  

ii)    Membership of the Club implies an undertaking to comply with and abide by the rules of the Club.

iii)  The annual subscription shall be as for the previous session or as amended at the Annual General Meeting.

iv)   All subscriptions to be paid before the end of October.

v)    Members who fail to pay their subscriptions before the end of October will be deemed to have resigned.

4        Meetings

i)     Meetings shall normally be held on Thursday evening and begin at 7.45 p.m.

ii)    Outdoor meetings will be held at intervals subject to arrangement.

5          Officers of the Club

  The following Officers of the Club shall be appointed by members at an Annual General Meeting:

i)     President

It is the duty of the President to see that meetings are orderly and include Club announcements, the introduction and welcoming of visitors and the moving of a vote of thanks to visiting judges and lecturers. and business-like and that everyone has a fair chance to put their view. 

ii)     Vice-President

       The Vice-President shall support the President in his/her term of office and assume the role of President in his/her absence.

iii)    Secretary

 The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of all business meetings, all correspondence, the printing of the syllabus, the engraving of the trophies and the preparation of certificates and the general administration of the Club.

 The Secretary may also act in the capacity of Treasurer. The Secretary is empowered to call a Committee meeting whenever in his/her opinion the necessity arises. The Secretary shall call a Committee meeting if and whenever at least two members request it.

  iv)   Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all Club funds. All cheques drawn on the funds must be signed by two authorised signatories, at least one of whom must be the Treasurer or Secretary. All signatories must be Club Officers. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for drawing up financial statements, duly audited, which shall be laid before the members annually at the Annual General Meeting. At each AGM a club member who does not hold office in the Club shall be elected to the post of Auditor.

v)      Syllabus Secretary

The Syllabus Secretary shall be responsible for the organisation of the syllabus in collaboration with the Committee.

vi)     Competition Secretaries

The Print Secretary is responsible for appointing the Judges for all competitions run by the Club (excluding NCPF competitions).

The Competition Secretaries are responsible for the collection of all entries for competitions at the appointed time and see to the safe delivery of such to the judge. The Competition Secretaries shall also keep records of all results, which should be given to the Secretary well before the Presentation Evening. The Competition Secretaries shall be responsible for the organisation of selection evenings for the Interclub Competitions. The Competition Secretaries have the right, in consultation with the Committee, to refuse any entry, which does not conform to the Competition Rules.   

vii)   Social Secretary

        The Social Secretary shall be responsible for the organisation of the   Open Night and other social events. 

6     Committee  

i)       The business of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee appointed by the members at a General Meeting. 

ii)     The Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President,

Hon Life Vice President, Immediate Past President, General

Secretary, Treasurer, Syllabus Secretary, Competition

 Secretaries (Prints and PDI), Social Secretary and up to three other members.    

iii)      A Committee meeting of 6 shall form a quorum.

iv)      Vacancies on the Committee arising through the year may be filled by co-option or election for the unexpired period of the term of office, at the discretion of the Committee.

v)       Sub-Committees may be formed by the Club Committee for specific purposes; the Chairman of any Sub-Committee must be elected by an elected Committee member. The Subcommittee Chairman shall make regular reports at the Committee meetings.

    7     Extraordinary General Meetings

              An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by a minimum of 20% of the membership. Such a meeting is to be for a specific purpose and the object of the meeting should be put in writing to the Secretary so that the request can be discussed by the Committee who will set the earliest convenient date for the meeting to take place.

      Alteration to the Rules

i)        No alteration in any single rule, deletion from or addition to the code of rules shall be made except by vote at an Annual General Meeting.

ii)       Notice of motion regarding alteration of rules shall be given at a Club meeting at least one week prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

iii)      Pending the AGM, the Committee shall be empowered to make any temporary rules deemed necessary.