22 - 23 Exhibition

The first annual Gateshead Camera Club (GCC) exhibition was held on 4 March 1903 at Bewick Assembly Rooms, High West Street, Gateshead. It was opened by Walter de Lancey Wilson, Mayor of Gateshead. The following day, the Newcastle Daily Chronicle reported that 'members are to be complimented upon the excellence of their initial show'.

Fast forward 119 years, GCC are holding their annual exhibition between 2 - 11 November 2022 at St Mary's Heritage Centre. The title of the exhibition is 'Gateshead, People, Places and Pastimes'.

Presentation Evening

We held our 2021/22 Presentation Evening at Gateshead Rugby Club (GRC) on 21 April. We welcomed Susan Budge, Mavis Ord's daughter who presented the Trophy she has donated to the club in her mother's memory.

The event was well attended, we all enjoyed pie, peas, etc, a raffle and made good use of the bar.

Well done to all those awarded trophies and certificates and everyone who took part in our competitions.

Many thanks to Glen for organising the event and Alan for the video of our stunning images. Also, thanks to Peter for photos and GRC's Billy for catering,

NCPF Beamish Trophy 2021

Congratulations to Victoria Najafi who was awarded 2nd place with:

"Steaming towards the Mahogany Drift"