Competition Success

Congratulations to Victoria Najafi on winning a place in St Oswald's calendar competition with her  image of Blyth Beach Huts. 

The calendar will be sold in shops to raise funds for the charity.  

Presentation Evening 2024

Colour Trophy - Bob Shanks

Centenary Trophy - Vince Allen

Awarded to the photographer of the best PDI image of the season.

Ternent Trophy - Margaret Annable

Anniversary Trophy - Peter Annable

John Taylor Trophy - Bob Stokell

Les Rochester Trophy - Vince Allen

Awarded to the photographer gaining the highest point score in any season.

Mavis Ord Trophy - Margaret Annable

Awarded to the photographer achieving the highest number of points across all of the A4 competitions.

Gateshead Trophy - Peter Annable

Awarded to the photographer of the image which in the opinion of the judge best reflects an aspect of Gateshead.

Rose Bowl - Leo Douglas

Saltwell Trophy - Vince Allen

Trueman Trophy - John Smith

The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain



‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Photography


This guidance amplifies the General Conditions for PAGB Events. It applies directly to all images submitted to PAGB events.

This guidance may be adopted by others including Federations and Clubs or may be modified for their own use in any way at their discretion.


How an individual creates an image for their own use, and what source material is coopted for image creation, is entirely at the individual’s discretion. But, when an image is submitted alongside the images of others into a competition or exhibition, then each participant needs to be assured that the other participants are using only their own original work. The PAGB sets out to give that assurance within its General Conditions (box).

Images must be entirely the work of the Photographer. In composite  images, all component images must meet this requirement. For the  avoidance of doubt, use of images from any other source including, but not limited to, royalty free image banks and clipart are not permitted.

There is a distinction between the image content, which is controlled by the General Conditions, and image processing and presentation which is at the photographer’s discretion. Processing can utilise techniques such as selection, noise reduction, calculated textures, montage, HDR, focus stacking and many others. Presentation may include keylines, print paper types, print mounting and others.

Photographers who enter PAGB events with images which do not meet the General Conditions are liable to sanctions under the PAGB Breach of Rules Procedure. The Breach of Rules Procedure may also apply to other events such as those with PAGB Patronage.

Image Automation

There are now many image processing methods available in camera, or in processing software or in plug-ins for such software, which have been refined or trained by their developers using the characteristics of many images. The list of methods is extremely long with examples such as face-detection focussing, raw conversion, monochrome conversion, noise reduction, focus stacking, HDR, panorama stitching and many more.

To the extent that these processes are applied only to the photographer’s original image, or to all the photographer’s original images in a composite, then they comply with the PAGB General Condition.

Image Generation

Banks of individual textures and skies have been available for some time and there are software systems which will overlay an imported texture or substitute a sky.

Increasingly there are image generator systems which draw on, or have been developed or trained on, content from large image banks to create new images, via a user prompt or specification.

Any importation, whether manual or automated, of all or part of a single image or of a generated image which includes or has been developed from the work of others, means that the resulting image content is not entirely the work of the photographer. The resulting image then does not comply with the PAGB General Conditions and is not permitted where those conditions apply.


It is appreciated that the individual photographer may not be fully aware of exactly how individual processing functions act, whether in-camera or in post-processing, However, the PAGB would expect photographers to be aware of when any significant addition has been made to an image which is not part of an original work by the photographer.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Exhibition

We've been working in partnership with Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust on a permanent exhibition at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The aim is to promote art and wellbeing through photography.  And, to brighten up the hospital for staff, patients and visitors.

Our exhibition finally launched on 30 November 2023 as part of the charity's Light up a Life Remembrance Service

We don't want to wish anyone ill, but if you're getting treatment or visiting relatives, have a look downstairs in the Atrium near Costa.

Thanks to all Gateshead Camera Club members for donating your prints and mounts.  Hopefully this is just the start of a long term partnership with the Trust.

As always, new members are welcome to join Gateshead Camera Club and possibly get their images displayed in our ongoing exhibition.

Please come along to our 2023 exhibition. We're holding our first meeting of the season at St Mary's, an evening reception, Thursday 7 September, 6:30 - 8;30 p.m., note the earlier start time. The bar will be open to buy tea, coffee, alcoholic and soft drinks. Our new President Bob Shanks will give a presentation to introduce himself to members. You can view the exhibition, catch up on everyone's news and take part in the raffle.

Presentation Evening 2023

22 - 23 Exhibition

The first annual Gateshead Camera Club (GCC) exhibition was held on 4 March 1903 at Bewick Assembly Rooms, High West Street, Gateshead.  It was opened by Walter de Lancey Wilson, Mayor of Gateshead.  The following day, the Newcastle Daily Chronicle reported that 'members are to be complimented upon the excellence of their initial show'.  


Fast forward 119 years, GCC are holding their annual exhibition between 2 - 11 November 2022 at St Mary's Heritage Centre.  The title of the exhibition is 'Gateshead, People, Places and Pastimes'.  

Presentation Evening

We held our 2021/22 Presentation Evening at Gateshead Rugby Club (GRC) on 21 April. We welcomed Susan Budge, Mavis Ord's daughter who presented the Trophy  she has donated to the club in her mother's memory.  

The event was well attended, we all enjoyed pie, peas, etc, a raffle and made good use of the bar.  

Well done to all those awarded trophies and certificates and everyone who took part in our competitions.

Many thanks to Glen for organising the event and Alan for the video of our stunning images.  Also, thanks to Peter for photos and GRC's Billy for catering,  

NCPF Beamish Trophy 2021

Congratulations to Victoria Najafi who was awarded 2nd place with:

 "Steaming towards the Mahogany Drift"