Patrick & Valerie Corris

Wor Valerie and Patrick have been with us quite a while

But now New Zealand beckons, we’ll be apart by many a mile

Tonight we have to say “good bye” and maybe shed some tears

‘Cos we won’t be seeing them around for at least five good long years.

Patrick’s off to do a job, while Val may have free time

So she can get her camera out, while Patrick’s nose is to the grind

We know they both love travelling, to lots of exotic places

So as they reach New Zealand, imagine the look on their faces.

We’re certainly going to miss them as they’re so far away

Their images of eastern ladies and wild animals are here to stay.

This opportunity is enormous something that you must do

But we trust this is not the last that we’ve seen of you two.

So Gateshead Camera Club send you off with a hug and with a cheer

We guess that with this internet, you can still remain quite near

So it’s with our best wishes, and bon voyage and all of that

Safe travels with many adventures to friends Valerie and Pat.